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About Us

                                                                                 Who We Are:

- 0M3GA MUSIC promotes and distributes the songs of any EDM artist whose songs we think can be good enough to sell.


We distribute your music to over 25 major services such as: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Xbox Live etc... 

- As well as major radio and     streaming stations such as: iTunes Radio, Google Play Radio, Spotify,                                                                                                              iTunes Match and many others!

Why Us?

-Don't waste your time waiting for a record deal with other labels when you can simply apply with us!

-Other labels can take 65-80% of the money you've earned, we ask that only 50% of your earnings go to 0M3GA MUSIC and the other 50% goes to you, the artist(s).

-Let us manage the promotion and distribution of your music so you can get treated fairly, hit it big in the music industry and get paid!